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Clan Rules

Here are the rules we at 11-42 play by:

1) Intentional team killing or play intended to hinder your own team is prohibitied.

However, team killing is permited as an act of self-defense, in retribution if you are intentionally killed by a member of your own team, or to encourage a player who is using a map exploit or other unethical tactic to cease that tactic/leave the game.

2) Taking of the weapons of wounded team members is prohibited, unless they allow you to do so.

Example 1: If you are a medic, you should never, NEVER take the weapon of someone before you heal them (unless it is to eliminate an immediate threat and you intend to return the weapon as soon as possible).

Example 2: You should never explode an environmental destructable (propane tank, car, etc) in order to kill a teammate for their weapon.

Violation of this rule shall be considered play counter-productive to your team, and is grounds for acceptable team killing.

3) Clan members shall not use non-standard colors in their screen names.

4) Clan members shall respect and assist fellow clan members and teammates whenever possible.

If you are playing as a medic or recon, attempt to respond to calls for assistance whenever possible. If you are playing as a commando or heavy gunner, attempt to cover and protect other players engaged in activity which makes them vulnerable. If a team lacks an important speciality, one member shall volunteer to change their speciality to fill that need.

5) Don't radio spam or vote spam.


Application Process

If you would like to become a memeber of the 11-42 clan, contact Menthol, El33t3ss, or Profesor Chaos.

One of us will attempt to play with you to evaluate your skill level, attitude, and what you would bring to our clan.

Menthol, El33t3ss, and Profesor Chaos will then review your performance and decide whether or not to accept or reject your application. If we choose to accept your application you must add the prefix "=[11-42]=" to your screen name. If we decide to reject your application, this doesn't mean that we do not like you, it simply means that for one reason or another we do not feel you're ready to join us at this time.

You will be informed of your acceptance or rejection by e-mail.

If your application is denied, feel free to re-apply for clan membership at any time.



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