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Thermal Goggles and Recon are musts for this mission.

Explosives can be used effectively for either side on this map. Rigging the ivy walls and confined areas with Remote C4 can be a good first line of defense.
On the attacking side, if you can get up into the Master Bedroom, Remote or Timed C4 here can lead to a quick victory... just make sure it goes off at the right time!

Gas is also a good tactic; used by attackers, it can create just enough confusion to allow your team to get in and get the job done.

Defenders, keep an eye on the VIP's health. If it is low, have a medic heal him.

Don't try to attack the VIP with a guns blazing charge, unless you don't have any alternative. Nine times out of ten, the VIP will win in a straight gun fight.

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