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Recons are essential for this map.

Watch out for gas! In the confined corridors of this map, you can't afford to be blind for even a second.

If you're rescuing hostages, make sure they are all following you; hostages have an annoying habit of stopping if they feel threatened.

There are many halls, corridors, and paths that lead from one end of the map to the other. Make sure to use them all, don't become predictable.

Rescuers, take note! If you have rescued all but one hostage, you don't have to rescue the final hostage to win the map. In fact, for a quick victory, you can kill the final hostage to end the map. This only works if you have rescued five of the hostages though, so be sure you have! Killing more than one hostage will result in a loss for both sides. (This tactic can also be used in Uganda).

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