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VIP: For the love of god, be patient! If you are playing as the VIP, sit back and let your team do their job. DO NOT charge forward blindly; you will get killed and lose the match. Let your team help you, and wait for them to provide appropriate escorts for you from one area to another.

The VIP can't hold big guns, but he can carry any type of pistol. Buy him a decent gun if you have some extra money, it can mean the difference between life and death in a tight situation.

If you are trying to kill the VIP, sometimes planting Remote C4 in the radio sheds or near the chopper extraction point is the easiest route. When you see the message that the chopper has been called, detonate your C4 for a kill, or when the VIP runs for the chopper, detonated that C4 to end the round in victory.

If you are trying to save the VIP, don't use the same route each time! The other team will learn to predict your movements. Beware of Remote C4 and Snipers, both at the end of the long tunnel and in the corners of the map once you get out into the open.

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