Welcome to 11-42 Headquarters

The 11-42 Clan was originally formed by several security officers of a major university in the Northwest. These members would often take a break from their nightly campus patrols and stop at a friends' house to play Global Ops on his computer. In their radio communications they would often refer to this house (Menthol's house) as 11-42.

Thus our clan was born.

On this website you will find hints and strategies developed and tested by the 11-42 squad. These tactics have proven very valuable to us "in the field," and so we thought we would pass them on to you (aren't we cool?).

Also available are clan member profiles, as well as some downloads and screen captures for you to enjoy. Thanks for visiting us!


Note: 11-42 is currently a non-competitive clan, which means that we do not participate in any official clan matches or tournaments. However, we are open to invitations for informal scrimmages with other clans. Feel free to contact us for more information.


Well, El33tn3ss is gearing up for his much-anticipated 1v1 Tourney; we've got the home section for that set up here. As a result, I've temporarily disabled the links to the flash intro, as it is a major bandwidth hog and we don't want people coming here to view the ladder and not being able to see it because the hourly bandwidth restriction has been reached. Have fun if you're in the Tourney, and good luck! --Menthol

Recently several of our clan members (El33tn3ss, Profesor Chaos, and Menthol) had the opportunity to participate in a local police tactical training program using handguns modified to fire Simunition. Simunition is a special type of ammunition used by police and special forces units across the country and around the world to train members in realistic (yet non-lethal) combat training courses.

Modification kits are available at the Simunition website which will allow you to convert a wide variety of pistols, revolvers, sub-machine guns, machine guns, shotguns, and rifles. Check 'em out, they're cool.

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